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Games & Awards

What are awards?

Awards are earned for playing games including Citrustacked, Cloud Jumper, Trailblazer, Treasure Hunt and Magic Bubble Wand. Awards are kept in your very own beautiful awards album. Your album displays the ribbons you have earned so far and also shows you what ribbons you can still earn.

I played a game and did not get an award. Why?

Awards are earned not just for playing a game but also for points earned during the games, or over a period of time. Awards can also be earned for the number of times a game is played. To learn how to earn a specific award, just mouse over it.

I can’t figure out how to earn the Snack Attack award. What are the four treats?

The “Snack Attack” award is earned for feeding your horse all four kinds of treats. They include a red apple, a green apple, a carrot and a pear. Each type of snack will appear randomly in your horses snack barrel.

Why are some of the awards in my album gray?

The spectacular awards in your album change from gray to beautifully colored once you have earned them. In case you forget what an award is for, just mouse over it! A scroll will appear to tell you what you need to do to earn that particular award.