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Your Cottage

What is my cottage?

Your virtual cottage in North of North is your very own place to decorate as you wish with the wonders you have purchased from the Bella Bazaar or that you have earned by activating Energy (non-horse) cards. Your cottage can also be expanded by purchasing Magical Doors from the Bazaar that add special rooms to your existing cottage.

How do I get things to decorate my cottage?

Everything you could possibly imagine to decorate your cottage is located in the Bazaar. The digital objects found there can be purchased with horseshoes.

To decorate your cottage rooms, navigate to the room you wish to decorate then open your “My Things” treasure chest by clicking on it. You will see a menu of all of your purchases by category. For example, if you purchased a bunk bed, you would select “furniture” which then moves the menu to the furniture section of your purchases where you should see your bed. To move your bunk bed into your room, simply drag and drop it from the menu screen into the room. When you are finished adding everything you would like in that room, close the menu. Then you can then arrange your things as you like. Once you have everything just right, be sure to save your arrangement by clicking the “save” button.

How do I add a new room?

You can add beautiful new rooms to your cottage buy purchasing a Magical Door from the Bazaar. Once you’ve bought your door go back to one of your cottage rooms; open up your “My Things” Treasure Chest and go to the “doors” section of the popup menu. Drag and drop the magical door wherever you would like it in either of your main cottage rooms. Be sure to save it! To get to your new room just click on the magical door and then the tiny door icon that appears off the side of it. Your can decorate your new room in the same way that you do your other rooms: just be sure to click the save button after your done decorating so that your things will be just the way you left them when you return. Remember, you can only purchase one of each of the magical rooms.