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Your Horses

Are the horses real?

No. The horses pictured on the cards and in your online stables are play-pretend. They live in your imagination and in the magical world of Bella Sara.

How do I get more horses?

You can add more horses to your stables by activating Bella Sara collectible trading cards. All cards contain a unique activation code. Input the code on this site to activate the horse on your card. When activated, the horse appears in your online stable.

How do I care for my horse?

Caring and nurturing your horse is easy and fun. After you choose and name your foal be sure to come back every day to care for your horse by cleaning the stall, grooming, feeding oats, apples or milk and adding fresh water to the trough. And don’t forget to come back and tuck your horse in every night in its sleeping cubby.

Need a little help? Mouse over the pitchfork, shovel, oat bin, apple barrel or grooming tools for instructions on each activity.

How do I ride my horses?

With the release of the Bella Sara Nintendo DS game you, fans will be able to ride their favorite Bella Sara horses. Look for riding games to arrive in North of North soon.

How do I find out more information about the horses of Bella Sara?

Begin exploring the amazing world of the horses pictured on Bella Sara trading cards by visiting Bellapedia. You will find pictures, history, fun facts, and origins of the horse breeds that inspired the card artists in each set.

Will my horses run away or die?

No! Your horses will never run away or die even if you cannot log on every day. Though your horses would like you to visit and care for them every day and will certainly miss you while you are away, they will not die or disappear.

But then why can’t I see all of my horses?

Most often the reason this happens is because you have multiple accounts. Not to worry, we can fix it! We will need to know if you have more than one account, all of your usernames, the email address you used when you set up your account and the username you would like to keep. We will merge your accounts together so that you can see all of the horses you have activated.