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What are horseshoes?

Horseshoes are the currency in the magical world of Bella Sara. With horseshoes you can purchase wonders to decorate your online cottage. Your Horseshoe Bank can be found in the upper right corner of your screen. The total number of horseshoes you currently is located to the right of horseshoe symbol.

How do I get more horseshoes?

You can earn horseshoes by activating Bella Sara trading cards. Current card packs contain Bella Sara Ticket Cards:
A Copper Ticket awards you 250 horseshoes
A Silver Ticket awards you 350 horseshoes
A Gold Ticket awards you 500 horseshoes

Past card sets have different cards types with other awards. Common cards equal 25 horseshoes, Rare cards equal 100 horseshoes, Energy cards equal 150 horseshoes and Shiny cards equal 250 horseshoes! There are also special horseshoe cards that, when activated, award you the number of horseshoes pictured on the card. You can also earn horseshoes by playing games including Firelight Festival, Citrustacked, Cloud Jumper and Magic Bubble Wand.

What do they do?

Horseshoes allow you to purchase digital objects in the Bazaar, Clothing or seeds in Bella Sara Adventures. This includes cute furniture like an orange loveseat or a purple bunk bed or even adorable animal friends such as a sleeping dog or a yellow bird that sings, and place them in the rooms of your own online cottage. We add new selections added to the Bazaar all the time, so check back frequently!

What’s a Horseshoe Card?

Horseshoe cards come in certain Bella Sara special products. For example, a Horseshoe card worth 200 Horseshoes comes in the Double Blister Pack. When activated, the “Horseshoe card” adds 200 Horseshoes to your Horseshoe Bank right away.