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Bella Sara Miniatures

Bella Sara Miniatures:

The beautiful horses of Bella Sara™ now in the palm of your hand with Bella Sara Miniatures. Each of the two collections available introduces 20 miniature horses from the land of North of North for you to collect, trade, display, and cherish. Each horse comes with a checklist displaying every horse in the series and an exclusive secret code. In the first set, the secret code adds a digital miniature horse to the collection of wonders in your “My Things” treasure chest, and in the second set it awards an adventure.

I activated a miniatures bonus code but didn’t get the same horse:

The bonus code that you receive with each Series 1 Miniature horse unlocks any one of the 20 miniature horse digital objects. It may not be the same Miniature that you received in the package, but that way you can enjoy more of the Miniatures with just one code.

What is Bella Sara Adventures?

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