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Bella Sara Parents' Guide

The Bella Sara Mission

News about the vision and intention of Gitte Odder creating Bella Sara 8 years ago to be a place of joy, peace and love.

Since establishing The Bella Sara Company in 2011, Gitte Odder has –in close collaboration with her husband Henrik Heindorf- worked intensely developing and improving her Bella Sara.

Bella Sara is a fun-filled fairytale-world, that supports and empowers girls with life-enriching values —honesty, empathy, compassion.

All Bella Sara stories and activities aim to both entertain and guide girls to build life by strengthening their self-esteem making them capable of:

  • Believing in themselves and in their dreams, and bring them to life
  • Caring for others, collaborate and communicate honestly, clearly and compassionately
  • Functioning as role models for a world, that needs them

We wish to welcome a new partner on the BS team: Sura Hart, a mother, educator, author, parent-coach and certified trainer with the global Center for Nonviolent Communication (www.cnvc.org), an author of a communication book for parents, Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids (as well as two books for teachers) and co-creator of a breakthrough communication tool, The No-Fault Zone® Game (www.thenofaultzone.com).

Sura shares our Bella Sara commitment to supporting parents and children, and we collaborate about strengthening compassionate communication skills, both within our team and in our Bella Sara world in general. She is our NVC-consultant in future manuscribts regarding BS movies and Apps.

Gitte has a 4 year degree to ”Create Your Life” therapist (in Danish: Skab Dit Liv) based very clearly on NVC aspects. She is in this way educated and trained intensively in NVC, and she created her entire Bella Sara concept on a foundation of "Skab Dit Liv" including the clear and direct connection to NVC.

Bella Sara™ is a safe, fun-filled magical world of horses and other characters for children to expand their imaginations through play. Committed to safety and security, the Bella Sara website is completely free of social networking, third-party advertising, and requires parental approval for users under 13 years of age. We keep all personal information private and take great care to keep the Bella Sara world a fun and carefree place.

As a parent, you have the discretion to select your child’s appropriate level of interaction with the Bella Sara website. You can use the parental-controls section of your child's account to turn limit or turn off his or her access. When you create a parental account, a password will be sent to you by email.

Then, just go to the Parent Controls page and log in with your username (your email address) and password to adjust your child's account settings as you see fit. Do not log in with your child’s username and password if you wish to access the parental account. Once you have logged in, you can create a new password if you’d like.

We welcome your feedback and are here to help. Please email us with any questions or concerns you might have at parents@bellasara.com.